Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Out of the Blue in Pluto Park

I guess this is the best title since I haven't managed to blog much for the past 3 months. Maybe I seem to have appeared "out of the blue". I have had urgent family matters to attend to and also the demands of another project took me away. All will become clear on the latter in due course. This picture was taken in Turin and represents a feature of an urban recreational park - a regeneration project built on an old Fiat tyre factory. Some of the factory has been retained and this is the bit I liked best. It's just a simple down pipe from which water flowed to a pond - an industrial fountain if you like. I found myself looking at it for some time, because against the clear blue sky and the buildings behind, the flow of water made a very striking and intriguing sight. Blue is an amazing colour and not that common in nature. It offers a deep translucent void that we can very well fall into, whether its sea or sky. Here, the water is infinite with possibility, jumping into shapes that appear random. I think a slow camera shutter speed reveals its mercurial splendour. After initially disliking this industrial park, I fell in love with it and was privileged to spend some time in its embrace. I call it Pluto Park, for reasons that I will explain in further posts. So I'll leave you with with the water in Pluto Park and I hope you find it as relaxing as did I.