Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Accidental Architecture

The photo is the result of two things I wouldn't normally do. I decided to take a trip on a hop-on hop-off tourist bus in Turin. I always rather disdained them since I know Turin quite well. What could the bus possibly reveal that was new and interesting? I also had my compact camera set on the fisheye filter, which seldom happens and is usually an accident. (Probably I had been playing and didn't reset it.) But having taken the plunge, I was enjoying my trip and the open top of the bus gave me a different viewpoint. I was having fun taking pictures. The bus was far from busy and I could sit where I wanted. I had a free hand with camera positions and moved around at will, taking street scenes. I had noticed the building to the side of a scene I wanted, but when I lifted the camera and composed the shot, the bus jolted and I pressed the shutter accidentally. One fish eye building! Any act of building is creating order out of chaos. Raw matter is transformed in accordance with symbolic values that relate to the soul and the totality of the cosmos. Yet this building seem to take readily to it's new form in my accidental space. Building is always creative and symbolically renews the original act of creation. So whatever the style of the building, I contributed a creative improvisation and so it became "my" architecture. Now, no matter how many times I pass that building, I am forced to see it just like this.