Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Tower is not a Mast

I spotted this communications tower outside a supermarket in Rome and I couldn't resist the shape and the colours. The shop was on a fast road out of Rome with many commercial establishments and not much else. The tower is quite a symbol. In this case, it's all about communication and reaches skywards - it might be said to join the heavens. All towers have some kind of deep earthworks underneath. But whereas in the past, foundations would have been packed with rubble, they are now stabilised by massive concrete blocks sunk into the earth. So the connection between heavens and underworld is complete. But this tower is topless. It is capped by no dome or any adornment other than antennae and some spotlights - communication and light are directed earthwards. In that sense the tower remains a positive symbol because communication enhances awareness and is part of the acquisition of consciousness. In the symbolism of towers, the ladder is most important. Workers must go up and down to build the tower - but also to carry out essential maintenance. They continually ascend and descend this axis between earth and heaven, complicit in some energetic broadcast. This is a modern tower and it has a close relation to traditional tower structures. It is not a mast. The mast is always tethered by guy wires and thus is a different symbol altogether. It's the free standing tower that connotes solidity and strength. If you dream you're on a tower, then think how you feel. Are you strong or vulnerable? Are you pleased with your view across the city or are you trembling and anxious you may fall?